Three Common Misconceptions About Retractable Dog Leashes

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I. Do Retractable Leashes Give Dogs More Freedom?

Many pet owners believe that using retractable leashes can give their dogs more freedom. If by “freedom” we mean unrestricted movement, then I believe that retractable leashes do not really change much in this regard. The additional space provided by retractable leashes actually benefits the dog owners more than the dogs themselves, as it allows owners to stay in one place and rest or attend to other tasks while giving the dogs a relatively larger area to move around in. For the dogs, true freedom is experienced through their environment rather than through the use of leashes. Dogs-specific parks, enclosed grasslands, or venues without speeding vehicles and unknown debris are the environments that truly provide dogs with the freedom to play and enjoy themselves.

II. Can the Locking Mechanism of Retractable Leashes Quickly Stop a Dog’s Dash?

Retractable leashes are equipped with a locking mechanism that has two modes: temporary and fixed. In people’s perception, this is a very practical feature that relieves owners from worrying about their dogs running out of control and into dangerous situations, as they can simply press the locking button at any time. But is it really so? If the dog is walking quietly, the locking mechanism can control the length of the leash to ensure that the dog does not run too far. However, when a dog accelerates due to seeing something of interest and the owner, in a relaxed state, is unable to press the locking button in time, it may be too late to prevent a dash.

III. Can Retractable Leashes Help Dogs Break the Habit of Dashing?

Many dogs have the habit of dashing, especially those belonging to sporty breeds. When taken for a walk, they will continuously charge ahead in excitement. Simply increasing the length of the leash cannot solve the problem. The greatest contribution of retractable leashes is that when a dog dashes, the leash provides a buffering length, preventing owners from being dragged too hard. However, if one truly wants to change a dog’s bad habits, the correct method is to provide proper training from an early age rather than relying on retractable leashes.

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